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British Columbia






Saskatchewan Flag

Rant Log: Saskatchewan

Day 16

June 28

Swift Current SK

Trailer park Campground

239.6 km

8.04 hr

Av 29.7

Max 52.5

Well I was wrong last night. It rained for a long time with thunder and lightning. However, in the morning I awoke to clear skies.

Last night I talked to some canoers. This group paddled to a military zone. The couple's leader went on. This couple asked if it was okay to go through. Apparently the military was firing live ammunition and had to send a helicopter out to get the guy who had gone through.

This morning a fellow said the winds were from the East again. My heart sank, but as I left it was actually a west wind. You have no idea how excited and elated I was. I was happy-happy-happy, but I was also scared to stop for fear that the winds would change.

At Maple Creek the Saskatchewan border, I met Roy again. He was repairing his bike from a run in with a metal object. Sometimes I just zone out and stare at the ground or my wheel and not look at what is coming. He did this took and ran into this metal thingy. He made it out to Irvine in that thunderstorm, but I caught up this morning since I left earlier. Roy's rear chain cogs are apparently pretty messed up. He had to bend them back in place.

We traveled together for the rest of the day. He told me an amusing story. Apparently yesterday an RV towing an SUV passed him. The SUV has in some serious trouble smoke was everywhere from a blown tire. The rubber from the tire flew off and hit Roy in the shoulder. A few kilometers down the road the driver finally realized something was wrong because Roy passed him as he was repairing the SUV. I stayed at Swift Current, Roy went on to take full advantage of the wind. Tomorrow this wind could be headwind... you never know. Man I hope the tailwind stays. I did so much more distance with so much less effort. It was good to have some company in these prairies. It was also good to know I was not the only one suffering the last few days. Roy also had a hard time with the cold wind and rain.

My diet is going downhill... eating more candy and junkfood. Oh well.

That night a couple of guys came and trashed the washroom. I bet they will think it was me since I was the only other one using it. They pissed on the toilet seat. They took showers with the doors open, getting water and mud everywhere. They also left a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans... which was strange but it was gone in the morning so I think they came back to pick them up.

13 subs.

Day 17

June 29

Moose Jaw SK

Prairie Oasis Campground

188.3 km

7.37 hr

Av 24.7

Max 32.0

Prairie winds are totally random. Today it was a light north crosswind. It didn't really slow me or help me.

I am starting to get into farmer land instead of ranch grasslands. Towns are coming more frequently. I passed a lake today. The lake lets you see even farther over the prairie land. I took a break at Chaplin where there was piles of salt or something wierd. The shoulder disappeared briefly near Chaplin but it eventually came back.

Near Moose Jaw I rode briefly with a guy just going from Caronport to Moose Jaw and back. He'll be doing a bike trip soon through the rockies with some bible folk.

Got a sub at Moose Jaw. I used my stamps and bragged about how my free sub card had all different colored stamps. Those stamps tell a story.

I got to Moose Jaw early (around 4:00) so after eating I caught a movie. I have no problem with going to the movies alone. I saw AI and enjoyed it for what it was, but it was not great(a little boring). Most other summer movies I have no interest in. Also it was a good way to hide from the rain storm. As an added bonus it had the Lord of the Rings trailer. Man, I am looking forward to that one.

As soon as I popped up my tent at 4:00 the rain storm came. People keep on saying how the prairies are in the worst drought in years. If that is true then why am I seeing so much rain?

14 subs

Day 18

June 30

Indian Head SK

KOA campground

146.4 km

7.10 hr

Av 20.4

Max 31.5

Dammit Dammit Dammit. Headwinds today. Man I should have take full advantage of the one single tailwind day.

Today I traveled through downtown Regina. I could see Regina from about 20 km away. I pigged out at a Pizza Hut lunch buffet. I can't believe these at 7.00$. I should take advantage of that more often... because it is hard to satisfy my appetite these days.

Today I bought some yellow cleaning gloves. Why? My hands suffer the most in the cold rain. This should resolve the problem.

The prairies don't have much scenery, but there is often little things going on to entertain. There is always the squeak of the prairie dog running from me. There are birds that get so angry at me and fly above me until I leave their territory. The little black birds or larger white birds with long beaks tend to do it. Also there are hawks or falcons flying around being attacked by the little black birds. Man these little black birds are busy.

I'm at a little town called Indian Head just outside of Regina. The sign says 500+ km to Winnipeg. Depending on wind that can be 3 to 5 days away. I would be really frustrated if it was 5 days of headwinds. I'm at a KOA. It's pretty expensive 17.00. Considering I paid 8.00$ yesterday for the same services. Basically all I care for is the showers which all campgrounds have had so far.

Day 19

July 1

Whitewood SK


107.5 km

6.40 hr

Av 16.1

Max 26.5

Dammit Dammit Dammit Dammit. Very strong head winds today, making me crawl along.

To make matters worse, last night was miserable. The trains were very loud, honking the horn all night. I can handle the truck noises and train car noises... but the horn woke me every time. However, even the horn didn't bother me that much.... but now I have caught a cold. So a stuffed nose and sore throat means no sleep for me.

Today was cold and threatening rain all day. The wind was so strong that at some points I was walking along. I saw a beaver up close waddling along. I was not moving much faster than it.

Today is Canada day. I should be celebrating... but I really don't feel so good so I will go to bed early.

Since I feel like crap today with my running nose, sore throat and headwinds, I treated myself to a motel. I hope it helps my cold... but I pray for a new day of tailwind. Please please let there be tailwinds. Next time I won't waste it.

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